Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Why You Should Choose Installerex as Your Installation Platform

Today’s software applications basically need installation platforms in order to build their applications faster and ensure that these applications get properly installed in less time. Another reason why software developers need installation platforms is because of the added advantage of ensuring they get to earn from every installation of their software applications.
Why Installerex?

Installerex  is one of the most popular software installation platforms. This is primarily because Installerex is very easy to install. Just a quick sign up and application developers are then set to get the full benefit from this installation platform.

Another attractive feature of Installerex is because it promotes applications into the market, so that applications increase their market value through Installerex’s advertising and marketing solutions. This ensures that your software applications get easily noticed and thus, increase their probability of being installed.

Application developers are also guaranteed of higher success rates of installations of their software applications. They then get to earn from every successful installation. And all these are all made possible by the Installerex solution.

Digital Security

To prove their dedication to their clients and customers, Installerex has gotten itself certified with the McAfee antivirus system, which is one of the most popular antivirus companies. Likewise, they’ve also earned a digital signature from Comodo Digital Signatures. Each software application that is set to be installed comes with a digital signature from Comodo Digital Signatures.

Installerex is truly dedicated to its goals and visions and is still improving itself to further advance its solution.

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