Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cloud base Installer - with Installerex

InstalleRex logoInstallerex is one of the leading platforms used for creating a cloud-based installer for applications.  Highly customizable, Installerex guarantees to meet customers’ requirements and standards. One selling point of Installerex is that it does not require the payment of an upfront fee for an installer to be created. Even if the installer is ready you still do not have to pay a single cent.  Payment is on a pay per install basis, which means that you only start paying once your installer was successfully installed by clients. Aside from this, Installerex has many other features that make it popular.

Installerex vs Installcore

Offers flexibility

Aside from being highly customizable, Installerex is also highly flexible.  You can completely modify the way your installer looks, change the products you will offer, even the order of the screens and more. This can be easily done by accessing the site and using the tools it provides. Installerex gives you exactly what you want your application to be by giving you full control of your application and how it installs.

Installerex screenshots

Guaranteed safe

Installerex complies with high standards of security to ensure that your application is fully protected, safe and secure. Installerex is also protected and tested daily with Internet protection software like McAfee, AVG and Norton. Your applications will not be put at risk with Installerex.

Has higher installation rate

Installerex has stable, fast and reliable installers that are fast to download and install.  It likewise has a built-in installation testing protocol thereby giving you the assurance that application installations are all successfully delivered to all its users.

Provides advertising and marketing services

Installerex has the complete tools to help you maximize your earnings from your application.  Installerex will advertise and market your application in the Web market.  It has distribution channels and tried and tested marketing and advertising tools that will enable you to effectively reach your target market depending on their country, browser, OS and even their preferred content.

Collects data and provides updated online reports

Installerex also provides up-to-date online reports so you can easily account for your profits and analyze data on your installations and users so you can determine if your strategy is helping you reach your target market. This gives you the chance to modify your strategies if you are not meeting your goals.

Offers other ways for monetization

Installerex allows you to add advertisement and product offers on your installers so that your earnings are not just limited to income from selling your programs. Installerex allows you to maximize your earnings.

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