Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Installerex: The Next Wave of Monetization Strategy

For software development and software engineering, the software is not yet finished until it is in the hands of the users. With other things under consideration, an installation program is a separate project from the program being installed. This is one reason why developers have long ago, around thirty years or so, decided to use third-party installer programs or protocols for their software. This is true for Windows, Mac OS X, as well as for the various flavors of Linux. What makes Installerex different is that it is not a cost, but an opportunity to earn for the developer.

Traditionally, developers pay for third-party installers. With Installerex, they have the option to earn from the installation as well. Developers have the option to partner with Installerex, and earn while the installer program shows adds during program installation. Admittedly, Installerex can opt not to tell their clientele that they will be earning on their own. Instead Installerex is giving the opportunity for their developer clients to expand their revenue stream. In short partnering allows both sides to earn more by expanding their exposures.

Anyone who believes that it is not hard to create an installer program has not tried creating one which works across all machines. For starters, there are different flavors of Windows. For another, there are different updates to Windows. Lastly, there are a lot of third-party hardware on Windows which may affect the installation process. Making use of tested, established, third-party installers minimizes the overhead needed to deploy a program. Whether or not you pay for the installer, it is already a cost savings on the part of the developer.

An installer is a delivery system. On Windows, it also means that the user will not be able to do anything while the program is running. There are configuration files which might be overwritten, and the computer needs to be restarted when that happens. This is a prime opportunity for anyone to stream advertising media while the program is running, because the user is waiting for it to finish, and could not leave the room while this is happening. Making use of this time is the best idea any advertiser has ever come up with a blog:

Monetizing this prime down time is something which Installerex has taken to the next step. This motivates developers to use the program. Developer partners are also motivated to create more programs to enable the showing of more ad impressions. With more ad impressions, they can earn more money. All while waiting for the program to install.

There are some downsides to this method. For one, the users might not like this method for being too intrusive. For another, they might not like the ads. These ads are from partner companies as well, and may not appeal to everyone. These reasons and others might also give the idea that the program being installed is cheap and worthless. After the program has been installed, the users might be biased against the program and not give it enough time to test it for its usefulness, according to the program's functionality. This bias is not something which can be easily overcome.

Installerex is a great idea, but the software developer has to decide for himself whether it is for him or not.

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